Joby’s 3rd Annual Hot Sauce Contest

Sunday November 11th, 2008 • 2pm
Grego’s Place • Lockhart, TX (map)

This Sunday Afternoon, The Bozarth’s own Chappy’s Green Sauce will go for the three-peat, and there’s sure to be more challengers than ever.  There’ll be some acoustic tunes, grilled meat, and other shenanigans.  Feel free to bring the kiddos and friendly animals.  taco Town encourages everyone to get into the action, create you own salsa, pico, relish, compote, drizzle, etc…make it hot, make it mild, make Neil mad.  Just be there, gringos.

Official Rules: Register between 1pm and 3pm.  Bring at least 1 pint of sauce.  No meat or cheese in the sauces please. You must be present to win.  Secret ballots will be cast by all attendees.  Prizes will be awarded to the top three vote-getters.  Winners will be announced at 5:30pm

- cabeza/

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6 thoughts on “Joby’s 3rd Annual Hot Sauce Contest

  1. There is no entry fee, so everyone is welcome to join in the fun.. Feel free to check out the pics from the last two contest.. Most can be found on this site..

  2. Adrian is supposed to be there.. I’ll let him know about the grill.. They retail for $12,900..

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